Wilbur's Finest Best Sellers Buyer's Guide

December 20, 2023
Wilbur's Finest Best Sellers Buyer's Guide
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Have you ever entered a physical store and got overwhelmed with the wide array of choices right in front of you? Well, the same feeling applies even in online shopping. Everything is right there at the tip of your fingers. 


We know that there’s a lot to check out in each store, that’s why we’ve created this buyer guide to help you navigate through ours. Get a feel of who we are as a brand, what products we offer, and how our products can help you.


That said, let’s begin by introducing you to Wilbur’s Finest’s best-selling products!


22LR Speed Loader Tubes 15rds 

Looking for a way to reload firearms faster?

You’re in for a treat because this first product on our list does exactly that.  Speedloaders are devices or machines that are designed to reduce the time and effort of reloading firearms.  But out of the many different speed loaders available in the market, why should you choose Wilbur’s Finest?


22LR Speed Loader Tube 15rds by Wilbur's Finest
22LR Speed Loader Tube 15rds



Features of Wilbur's Finest 22LR Speed Loader Tubes

  •  High-density plastic tubes that are built to last
  •  Comes with rubber end caps that stays in place
  •  Available in 5 Pack and 10 Pack
  •  Each tube holds 15 rounds of 22LR
  •  Works great on Henry rifles, but also fits crossbow quivers
  •  Makes reloads quick and easy



Are they worth it? 

Well, Wilbur’s Finest’s  speedloader tubes aren’t best sellers for nothing.  First off, it does its job perfectly by reducing time by approximately 7x faster in reloading your firearm. Filling your rifle individually would usually take  30-40 seconds, but using a speed loader allows you to do it in a whopping 5 seconds!





So why does this matter? This is highly useful for those paying a shooting range by the hour. Thirty seconds may not be much, but if you compute all those seconds, that’s a few minutes you can spend shooting rather than reloading.


Another thing worth noting is that you can use this speedloader tube to hold 15 rounds of 22LR, and accommodate 22 Short, 22 Mag & 17HMR. Not only that, the speedloader’s clear body allows visual verification of orientation of the bullets. Not only is this product efficient but visually pleasing as well. 


Dice Tower

Care for a fair game?

Creative dice towers are game accessories used by gamers to roll dice fairly. They’re static mechanical devices that ensure a random and fair dice roll on every turn. 

How it works is that the dice are dropped onto the top of the tower, which bounce off its design inside, and then land at the bottom front. Rolling the dice way eliminates cheating which may be performed when rolling the dice by hand.


Wilbur's Finest3D Printed Castle Dice Tower
Dice Tower



What’s good about Wilbur’s Finest’s Dice Tower?

  •  Has a cool design

Dice towers have a lot of cool styles out in the market. Ours in particular is an all black dice tower castle with a see-through design. Seeing the dice drop and tumble down the tower can evoke feelings of excitement and thrill as the players anticipate the numbers it will show when they land at the bottom.


  •  Just the right size
Our dice tower measures 8” in height, 8.5” in width, and 6” in length. 
The upper section where the dice are dropped provides space for the dice to bounce off its internal nooks and crannies as they fall. The lower section is wide enough to catch the dice and displays the numbers for the players to see.


  •  Made with environment-friendly material

This dice tower is 3D printed from PLA, or also known as, “thermoplastic polyester”.  According to Simplify 3D, they’re the type of material that’s easy to print, inexpensive, and considered the most environmentally friendly 3D printer  filaments on the market today. 

Bet you agree that this is  a quality dice tower right here. Perfect for gamers who know how to have some real fun!


MLOK Screws

This next product on our list is perfect for folks into firearms.

If you are one of those people, then you’re probably familiar with M-Lok and you most likely know that there’s a wide range of accessory attachment options for rifles, thus needing MLOK screws.




MLOK Screws and Nuts
MLOK Screws


Those in the industry would know that men carry rifles into combat and attach things to these guns to improve the odds of their survival. Some examples of what you can attach are bayonets, blade or spike, lights, lasers, and illuminators. 

In the past, these were attached with tape, Velcro, and hose clamps. Unfortunately, these methods were not deemed ideal. Fast forward to today, people now use M LOK screws, and here’s why:

  •  Once locked, the connection is very secure.
  •  Has precise measurements that allow to fit in the slots perfectly
  •  Lightweight
  •  Easy to install and remove


5 Features of Our M LOK Screws 

The best part is, you can get them here at Wilbur’s Finest! Check out the 5 promising features of our MLOK screws:


  1.  Self-locking reusable thread patch is added to the screws to ensure a secure fit upon installation
  2.  Made of high strength steel in black oxide coating
  3.  Includes 50 pcs MLOK T-nuts, 50 pcs 10mm long screws, 5pcs allen wrenches
  4.  Special coating surface for protecting rust and anti-slip
  5.  Quick and straightforward replacement of M-Lok T-nut screw


Bookbinding Punching Tool 

Up your A-game in perfect binding!

You can get evenly spaced holes every time with our 3D printed punching tool. They’re designed with all the guides and demarcations which takes out all the measuring out of the punching process.




3D Printed Punching Tool
3D Printed Punching Tool


5 Benefits of Using This Punching Tool

Here’s why it’s the best little helper for your bookbinding projects.


  •  Skip the measuring and save time.

Wilbur’s Finest’s bookbinding punching tool has a cradle to guide the holes for sewing so they're in the exact same place as the top and bottom of the sheet. 

Aside from that, it has a metric awl guide that is 225 mm long. Holes are spaced apart every 5mm, but it also has demarcations for 10mm and 15mm holes. The punching tool  also has an imperial awl guide that measures 9 inches long. It  has holes every ¼”, and has demarcations for ½” holes.


  •  Reduce the risk of mistakes and do-overs. 

Because of the bookbinding punch guides, you are less likely to make mistakes and waste time from being back to square one. The punching tool provides accurate angles and precise spacing of hole placements. This way, you will be able to prepare all of the signatures of a book in an identical manner.


  •  Durable and built to last. 

This product is carefully made of quality plastic material and printed with a 3D laser printer. 


  •  Get clean, even punches. 

This bookbinding tool is 3D printed with a deep well in the base part for easy, even punches. No mess, no hassle.


  •  Level off pages easily.

The punching tool has a backing plate to level off pages as seamlessly as possible. Finish earlier and have extra time to admire your finished work!


3D Printer Build Plate

Print with purpose and ease.

The last one in our list of best-sellers is an item filed under 3D printing accessories. It’s called the 3D Printer Build Plate,  a flat surface that printed objects will stick to during a print. According to All3DP, a build plate’s primary function is to provide a perfectly flat surface for the bottom layer of a print. Choosing the right build plate matters because it plays a vital role in 3D printing. 



Wilbur’s Finest’s 3D Printer Build Plate
3D Printer Build Plate



3 Awesome Features of Wilbur’s Finest’s 3D Printer Build Plate


  •  Strong and reliable 3D printer build plate adhesion. 
Prints will stick wonderfully and then release completely once they have cooled.


  •  Made of high-quality material for seamless printing.  

This build plate is made of fiberglass G10 garolite nylon and high-temp upgrade semi-flexible ender.


  •  Easy removal of prints. 

Due to its semi-flexible material, the surface can be flexed to “pop” the prints off, once they have cooled down.


Flatness, smooth finish, and durability – with all the good qualities of the best 3D printer build plate, you’ll be able to produce prints successfully!


Final Thoughts

These are just 5 out of the many products that Wilbur’s Finest has to offer. A lot of good feedback has been said about these products – made with quality material, easy to use, and just the items they were looking for. We’d love for you to have the same experience so go ahead and shop now!

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