Wilbur’s Finest Bullet Holders Buyer Guide

December 20, 2023
Wilbur’s Finest Bullet Holders Buyer Guide
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Imagine running out of bullets at a shooting range and going back to get more. You lose focus quickly when that happens! It's frustrating and tiring.


Good thing someone invented Bullet Holders. It's such a simple solution, but one that solves a problem that positively impacts the industry.


For those involved in sports shooting or hunting, bullet holders are an essential part of their equipment. It's a designated space that's easily accessible for someone who wants extra bullets handy when hunting, practicing, on patrol, or on the battlefield.


Qualities of a Good Bullet Holder

So how do you choose a good quality bullet holder? Here are 3 things you should look out for:


1. Purpose

The very first thing you should think about is the purpose. What are you doing today, are you practicing in a range? Hunting in the woods? Shooting for a long period of time?

This will help you narrow down your choices to a minimum because the following qualities to consider will depend on your purpose.


2. Space Capacity

The next important thing to consider is how much space you need. Some bullet holders can hold two bullets at a time because they’re meant to be attached onto the ammo itself. Meanwhile, some bullet holders have more room for sports shooters or hunters who need a huge supply of bullets every time.


3. Convenience

Lastly, see how you want to carry around your bullets. Do you want to wear it like a belt or a bag? Do you want it attached to the side of your rifle? Do you want it sitting on the ground beside you? Choosing the best bullet holder depends on what you're doing or where you're shooting.


5 Common Types of Bullet Holders

Believe it or not, bullet holders have a long history. When you watch old action movies, you have probably seen men in revolutionary forces using one of the unique forms of bullet holders, which is the BandolierBandolier. 


In modern times, folks use smaller bags, pouches, and bullet holder attachments. They’re not as grand and badass looking as the BandolierBandolier, but they still serve the same purpose of supplying bullets when needed.


Here are 5 of the most common types of bullet holders today!


2rd Spare Round Holders

Among all the types of bullet holders, the 2rd spare round holders are the smallest and most convenient. They are bullet holder attachments that mount to MLOK and Keymod handguards and can hold up to 2 bullets. 


Not sure what they look like? Check out these products:




What makes them unique is that they are easily accessible, take less time to change bullets while shooting, and are compatible with most, if not all, types of ammo.


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Butt Stock Bullet Holders

These are bullet holders mounted to the buttstocks of rifles and shotguns. Depending on the manufacturer, butt stock bullet holders are either leather, plastic, cloth, rubber, or some other material. They can hold a range of 4-10 rounds of ammunition and fit all shotgun, rifle, and handgun ammunition types.


Belt Carrier Bullet Holder

Belt carriers are one of the most common bullet holders as they win the crowd with their easy access to an ample supply of bullets. Another reason why this is popular is that it’s like using some belt bag that conveniently holds shells without spilling out quickly.


It’s similar to an Ammo Pouch, which is also a small bag that holds a small supply of bullets. Belt carries or ammo pouches are commonly used for short-term situations wherein you only need a few bullets at a time. These types of bullet holders are perfect for hunting or home defense purposes.


Shotgun Shell Pouch

This type of bullet holder is specifically for those who use a lot of shotgun shells like hunters and clay shooters. Shotgun shell pouches are the ideal way to carry ammo and are especially useful when using a firearm for extended periods.


Ammo Bag

An ammo bag is the bigger version of a belt carrier and an ammo pouch. They come in various sizes, thus having the capacity to carry a more extensive supply of bullets, perfect for continuous shooting. You can use them in many situations like hunting or practicing in a shooting range. Ammo bags are not as portable and easy to carry around as the other holders, but they make continuous shooting easier.


Final Thoughts

People use bullet holders for convenience, accessibility, and speed. Having several rounds of bullets in handy helps a hunter or an expert shooter shoot more effectively. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of bullet holders go ahead and choose the one most suitable for you!

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