7 Types of Books You Can Create by Bookbinding

May 05, 2024
7  Types of Books You Can Create by Bookbinding
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Starting a new hobby is always an exciting time, offering so many possibilities to explore. Sometimes, it makes you ponder on questions like, “what should I do first?” or “what is the easiest or most fun to do?”

In the case of bookbinding,  the scope of creativity is boundless. From crafting various types of books to personalized notebooks, this hobby offers endless avenues for expression. Whether it's for personal use, gifting, or even starting a small business, why don't we dive into the diverse bookbinding projects you can do, shall we?

Bookbinding Essentials You Need

But before we get into the bookbinding ideas you can do, let’s recap on the essential materials and supplies you'll need. By checking your inventory, you can determine which items you already possess and which ones you may need to buy.

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7 Bookbinding Ideas You Can Create

If we're going to be very specific with the ideas, listing them all down would take more than a day.  So, we'll categorize them into 7 umbrella categories that encompass various types and styles of books you can bind. (Note: The photos used for visual support in this article are for reference only. The actual bookbinding activities and final results may vary.)

Now, let's explore some bookbinding ideas, shall we?


A timeless favorite, journals provide a space for personal reflection, creative expression, and jotting down thoughts and ideas. Whether you prefer cool leather covers or playful designs, journaling provides a relaxing outlet for self-discovery. Buying journals already feels good as is, what more if it’s a journal you created yourself?

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Do-It-Yourself Storybooks

Dive into the universe of storytelling with DIY storybooks. There are many ways to approach this project such as crafting fairy tales for children or capturing cherished memories in a family album. One thing’s for sure, creating your own storybooks allows you to unleash your imagination and share your narratives with others.



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At-Home Cookbooks

Got your recipes in loose notes scattered in a drawer? Or in your notes app, perhaps? Now’s the time to transform your favorite recipes into a beautifully curated cookbook! From family heirlooms passed down through generations to your original culinary creations, at-home cookbooks offer a practical and personalized way to organize and preserve your culinary adventures. Plus, it’s extra special because it’s something you made yourself from scratch!



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Personal Scrapbooks

Special moments like anniversaries or a family outing deserve a beautiful memento. Photo albums are great but scrapbooks “just hit different”. You can customize it however you like so that you can combine your photos and extra things to remind you of that moment such as a movie ticket or a map of Universal Studios. Scrapbooking allows you to curate visual narratives that reflect your unique story.

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Fun Comic Books

Channel your inner artist and storyteller with fun comic books. Whether you're crafting fun-filled adventures, funny anecdotes, or thought-provoking narratives, comic books offer a dynamic medium for creativity and self-expression. This is a perfect project if you have a lot of story prompts. Get those ideas into your DIY comic books and put it up on your shelves for your guests to read when they visit your home! 

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Travel Photo Books

Went somewhere and came home with a lot of photos? Well, don’t forget about them and put them to waste. Relive your adventures with travel photo books. From breathtaking landscapes to candid moments captured on camera, compiling your travel memories into a beautifully crafted photo book allows you to revisit your favorite destinations and share your journeys with others. As a bonus, these serve as fun coffee books to display in your home!


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Finally, you can embrace the art of editorial design with DIY magazines. If you love curating articles, artwork, or photography, creating your own magazine is the perfect bookbinding project for you. It allows you to explore diverse topics, express your unique perspective, and share your passions. Whether it's a niche publication, a general-interest magazine or even just for personal use, there are many great things you can do!

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Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many things you can create by bookbinding. To spark more ideas for you, here is a last minute list of other things you can create:

  • Wedding Guest Books
  • Small Business Brochures
  • Personal Sketchbooks
  • Scripts
  • Planners
  • Polaroid Photo Albums
  • Poetry Books

What we’re trying to say is that diving into the art of bookbinding opens up a world of possible creations. Whether they're for personal use, for gift-giving, or for a possible business venture, you're well into an opportunity worth exploring. Just remember, they don’t have to look perfect or professional at the beginning. What truly matters is that you enjoy and are satisfied with what you're doing in the process. So, what are you making first?

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