Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Caliber 2rd Spare Holder

December 20, 2023
Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Caliber 2rd Spare Holder
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Hey, we have a question for you. 


When you practice at the range, where do you put your extra bullets?


Don’t want to come off target while chambering another round?


If you’re not sure where to put it while in the zone, we’ve got just the right product for you: the Multi-Caliber Universal 2RD Spare Holder.


What is it?

Our Universal 2 round Spare Holder is a 3D printed bullet holder attached to MLOK and Key Mod Handguards. This handy little attachment is made from an ultra strong  polyamide and can hold 2 rounds of any caliber. When you buy our universal 2rd spare holder, you’ll also get MLOK mounting hardware and spare elastic strap.


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Multi-Caliber Universal 2rd Spare Round Holder



Is it really universal? 

Yes! Our MLOK multi-caliber 2rd spare holder is compatible with:

✔️ ..308 NATO 

✔️.300 Winchester Magnum 

✔️.338 Lapua 

✔️6.5 Creedmoor 

✔️7mm Remington Magnum 

✔️5.56x45 NATO 


✔️.300 AAC Blackout 



✔️.30-30 Win 

✔️.270 Win 

✔️.50 Beowulf (12.7x42mm) 

✔️6.5 Grendel 


Why You Should Buy It

So there’s three reasons why you should get one: convenience, speed, and compatibility. 



First off, you have easy access to your extra bullets while shooting. Having them right by your hand allows you to grab conveniently as needed. You can focus on your target while staying in the zone. 



Aside from the option to grab the extra calibers easily, you can do it FAST. When working on speed or focusing on a moving target, you’d want to have them ready and as close to you as possible.



Lastly, you can use this on so many other types of firearms. Just buy a few of these and attach them to any of the firearms mentioned above. They are universal after all.


How Do You Install It?

One cool thing about this spare holder is that it is easy to use.Follow this step-by-step guide to make sure you’re doing it right.



  1. Find a slot in the handguard where you want to attach the holder.
  2. Position the nuts and screws with the holder in between.
  3. Secure everything  in place by using the hex key to rotate the screws and hardware.
  4. To use, slide the bullet down into the elastic.



That’s pretty much it, really. There’s only so much you could say about this cool attachment without going overboard or sounding like a broken record. But before you go, we want to show you what our customers have to say about them so you could get a glimpse of what this product can do for you!


What Our Customers Love About our Multi-Caliber Universal 2RD Spare Holder

The following buyers were happy with our product and we’d love for you to have the same experience as well. Here’s what they have to say about them:




"Well made, works great on this 6.5 grendel pistol. Good snug fit for 223, 3o-3o,grendel and 6.8 spc size cartridges. Mounted it directly to the plastic forearm of the CVA forearm using the hardware supplied with this round holder.Will buy more."




"Worked perfectly on my cva takedown"




"Just what I've been looking for. Holds my 350 legend and 300 blackout ammo at my fingertips for fast reloading. Mount securely on my ar15 handguard. "




"Simple and lightweight. Does exactly What its supposed to do."




"Fits like a glove. I'm using it for .410 shells on my single shot."




Multi-Caliber Universal 2rd Spare Round Holder



Final Thoughts

Sometimes, the most useful items are the things we never thought we’d needed unless we’ve already tried using them. Get your Multi-Caliber Universal 2 Round Spare Holder now and see for yourself!

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