End-of-Year Product Roundup [2022]

December 20, 2023
End-of-Year Product Roundup [2022]
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What a great year 2022 was, don’t you agree?


There were a lot of products created and listed this year and the whole team is ecstatic that people found each item useful! If you don’t wanna miss out, it’s not too late yet.


 Check out all our products that people shopped for this 2022! 

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 3D Printer Build Plate



The  3D Printer Build Plate is one of our best sellers. It’s a flat surface where objects being printed will stick to during the 3D printing process. According to All3DP, a build plate’s primary function is to provide a perfectly flat surface for the bottom layer of a print.


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Dice Tower



 Dice Towers are game accessories that ensure a random, fair dice roll on every turn. Here’s how it works:


The dice are dropped onto the top of the tower. Then, they bounce off against the walls inside, and then land at the bottom front. Rolling the dice this way eliminates cheating which can easily happen when rolling the dice by hand.


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Bookbinding Signature Punching Tool




For crafty and bookbinding hobbyists, this is a very useful tool. A signature punching tool helps you get evenly spaced holes. They have guides and demarcations for your convenience, which takes out all the measuring out of the punching process.


Save time and eliminate the extra work!


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Bookbinding T-Spacers



T-spacers for bookbinding are long metal strips with a short perpendicular metal strip on top that completes its T-shape. They’re tools that measure the hinge width of a book when making the book cover. 


Our spacers are 2.5mm tall and we have different lengths available: 10cm, 20cm, and 30cm. The set includes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, and 30mm.


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Bookbinding Corner Jig Sets




These triangular shaped items are corner cutters that help cut corners of a book cover. The reason why you’d need this is to make it easier to cover a book without the bulk of the paper in the way. They’re easy to use, convenient, and make bookbinding faster!


MLOK Screws




Anyone into guns would know that men carry rifles into combat and attach useful tools to help increase their odds of survival. These include bayonets, blades or spikes, lights, lasers, and illuminators. They may not look much but these MLOK screws are pretty rad!


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Multi-Caliber Universal 2rd Spare Holder




Our Universal 2 round Spare Holder is a 3D printed bullet holder attached to MLOK and Key Mod Handguards and can hold 2 rounds of any caliber. When you buy our universal 2rd spare holder, you’ll also get MLOK mounting hardware and spare elastic strap.


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Speedloader Tubes 15 rds






Speedloader tubes are basically bullet holders that have the capacity to keep 15 rds. The great thing about this is its design is meant to help reduce the time and effort reloading firearms by 7 seconds!


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6.5 Creedmoor 2rd Spare Round


Another type of bullet holder is this 6.5 Creedmoor 2rd Spare Round. They are mounted to MLOK and Keymod handguards and can hold up to 2 bullets.

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Seadoo Spark/Trixx Hull Body Washers






The Seadoo Spark and Trixx Hull Body Washers are maintenance tools that will help keep your watercraft in pristine condition. They’re 3D printed hardware in PLA and they last longer than OEM washers that came with the jet ski. Our body washers work excellent, look great, and don’t squish easily! 


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Umarex Gauntlet Mount for Pellet Holder .177 .22 & .25 Caliber 




This is a pellet holder that sits tightly on the gauntlet. It helps prevent the magazine from falling out easily despite intense movements. If you look closely at the design, you’d notice that it’s created like that to accommodate the curves and shape of the magazine.


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Flexible Umarex Gauntlet & Benjamin Marauder Single Shot Tray 








If you have an Umarex Gauntlet, this product might be what you’re looking for! The Single Shot Tray can help you shoot a single shot and improve accuracy when shooting. You can get the one for a .177,..22, and a .25 – all available in-store!

Compatibility-wise, you can use this single shot tray with all Umarex Gauntlet and Benjamin Marauder air rifles. However, you can also buy the Benjamin Bulldog Single Shot Tray .357 if this suits your needs more.



Canik TP9-SF Elite Full Grip Magazine Sleeve TP9SF TP9



This is a great item for folks who want to increase the grip size and shooting capacity with additional rounds. The Canik TP9-SF Elite Full Grip Magazine Sleeve TP9SF TP9  is a 3D-printed mag sleeve made to fit an 18rd extended magazine, and is made of TPU material.


Its main purpose is to fill the gap between the grip and the base plate to achieve a greater shooting capability. 


Paracord Strap






Who knew bracelets could be used in more or less a hundred situations?! That’s how useful a paracord strap is! They’re an essential multi-use tool for emergency and survival cases. Paracord straps are loved by survivalists, preppers, emergency responders, and outdoor folks.


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Christmas Tree Flagpole Mega Topper Light Hook





Repurpose flagpoles as beautifully lit Christmas trees! This mega topper is a 3D printed flagpole topper with a two-part design that allows you to  assemble lights perfectly the way you want it.  Having this Christmas Tree Flagpole Mega Topper Light Hook means you don’t have to collapse or unmount your flagpole. 


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Our Gift to You

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With all the support and purchases we’ve got this year, we would like to express our gratitude by giving you a discount offer for all the Christmas shopping you’ll do this month at Wilbur’s Finest!


Happy holidays! ✨

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