9 Gift Ideas for Board Game Enthusiasts

December 20, 2023
9 Gift Ideas for Board Game Enthusiasts
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Not sure what to give your board game-loving friend? We got you!


Because we understand how challenging it must be to find gifts for folks with specific interests, we created a list of gift ideas for board game enthusiasts! The items listed range from apparel and care kits to organization storage and better gaming solutions.


That said, check out these 7 awesome gift ideas for board game lovers!


Dice Tower

First up on our list is one of ours, of course! 






When you love board games so much, you just have to have a cooler way of rolling the dice. This 3D printed dice tower is the perfect thing for that. One of the best things about having a dice tower is that it ensures a fair play by eliminating any attempts at cheating when rolling dice by hand. 


Another thing it provides is convenience. Gone are the days you’d have to crouch down the floor and look for the dice that rolled off the table. Plus, dice towers make really good display items or statement pieces on a shelf!


Bags for Board Games

Gaming on the go


Sometimes, it’s a challenge for every game-loving hobbyist to bring everything with them all in one go. Game pieces might go missing or something might get deformed. Yikes!


Thus, this gift idea is perfect for gamers who love to play in different places! A good quality travel bag designed for board games has padded compartments, outside compartments, large shoulder straps, spacious interiors, and light enough to carry around with ease. 


Gaming Mat

Next up is a cool gift idea for those who take care of their gaming stuff seriously.




Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


Another way to improve gaming experience is by getting a high-quality gaming mat. It’s a protective cover that you lay on the table you’re playing on. If you browse through online shops, you’ll find plain colors, cool designs, and different sizes and thickness options to choose from.


Make sure to  get water-resistant and washable mats for inevitable stains. It’s also great to have rubber-backed gaming mats to avoid slipping and keep the game pieces in place.


Board Game Posters

Have you ever walked into a gamer’s room and saw lots of posters?


Well, that’s a telltale  sign that it’s a good gift idea. Most often than not, games have iconic designs that are worth celebrating. And that’s what board game-inspired posters are designed to do. Collecting or displaying posters is one way to express one’s enthusiasm for games or let their personality shine through interior design.


Posters would really look good in bare walls in game rooms, bedrooms, studios, or gaming cafes.


Shelving Units

If you know someone seriously collecting board games and accessories, then they’d probably need a place for everything to be stored or displayed.





Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


Shelving units is the way to go.  With all the items they have under their care, it would be nice to have them organized or displayed for them to see every time they walk in the room. It could also be really nice for guests to view when they visit their place!


Shelving units have countless designs. They can be floating shelves on the wall or standing shelves that stand from floor to ceiling. They can have cozy spaces for smaller items, or large ones for big boxes or items. 


Giving them something as big as this just shows how supportive you are of their hobbies!


High-Quality Dice Set

Up their board gaming experience with the finest dice sets on the market. 


Toss the regular dice to the side for a bit and allow them to experience the difference that well-crafted dice can bring! These dice have unique shapes and sizes and are made of durable and unique material. If you aren’t familiar, there are those that are made of wood, granite, or metal. Others are made from unusual materials too such as bone and meteorite.


You can tell a dice is made of quality material because they feel good to hold, have exquisite design, and are generally nice to look at. 


How About New Board Games Too?

If game accessories aren’t enough, check out these cool and widely popular games you can give them!





Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


Dungeons & Dragons 

For the RPG-curious folks, D&D is a must-have. It dabbles around tabletop roleplaying games, combats, and imagination. There’s also a D&D player’s handbook you can get that has everything you need to play the game with. Dungeons & Dragons is the perfect game to play with friends or cousins, especially those who love a good adventure in a fantasy setting.


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The Grimm Forest

For those who are into family games, the Grimm Forest is one of your best options. Here you’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces from this famous fairy tale. Inspired by the story, the goal is to build houses of straw, wood, and brick on your own lot of land while avoiding the big bad wolf.  This game is perfect for all ages and it sure promises you a fun experience with your family.



This hybrid board game is perfect for advanced players. Like D&D, it’s a storytelling and tactical game too. Thornwatch is a graphic novel game with evocative artwork and thoughtful design, and played by  2-5 players and a Judge. 


In the game, players are summoned together to complete several missions with a reward waiting at the end. You’ll come across monsters along the way and go through challenges that push you to make decisions that may haunt you later on. They say it takes a while to learn but once you understand the rules, you’re in for a treat.


Final Thoughts

Come to think of it; there’s a lot you can give to board game-loving friends. It can range from gaming accessories, limited-edition versions, collector’s items, and new exciting games they have yet to try! All that’s left to do is add to the cart and check out.


What gaming gift idea are you eyeing?

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