7 Things To Prepare For The Holiday Season

December 20, 2023
7 Things To Prepare For The Holiday Season
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December is finally here! Do you know what that means? 


It’s time to spread the holiday cheer! There are a lot of things to prepare this month, like home decor, party games, meal planning, and gifts!


With everything needed to prepare in less than a month, let’s ensure you get everything done! We created a Christmas Preparation Checklist just for you.


🎄Set up the Christmas tree

Let’s do the hardest task first! 


Putting up a Christmas tree requires a few more tasks before you can actually set it up, whether it's indoors or outdoors.


For indoor Christmas trees, you would have to move around furniture at home, buy a Christmas tree, bring it home, and decorate. This is one of the best times for a family to bond and create a new core memory for the holiday season.


For outdoor settings, you have the option to either buy a massive tree, repurpose a flagpole or create a DIY outdoor Christmas tree.. Have you ever seen something like this before?




Photo from Target


You might be asking, how can you turn a flagpole or simple PVC pipe into a beautifully lit outdoor Christmas tree?


It’s pretty easy – you only need a Christmas Tree Flagpole Mega Topper Light Hook! It’s a 3D printed flagpole topper with a two-part design that’s easy to use. That means you don’t have to collapse or unmount your flagpole. 


To install, simply attach the two pieces around the flagpole at the base, attach it to the rope, and hoist it up.




Christmas Tree Flagpole Mega Topper



Our Christmas Tree Flagpole Mega Topper can fit flag poles up to a 4-inch base. However, feel free to send us a message if you need something smaller . We’ll be happy to provide something that’s more suitable to your needs.


🎅🏻 Change seasonal home decor

Wherever you are – at home, in school, or in the office – say goodbye to the fall and thanksgiving vibes and say hello to red and green decor! 




The best way to fill a space with holiday cheer is to have snowmen or dwarves lined up the driveway, garland on the staircase, or hanging decor in the hallway! 


You can also hang stockings by a mantle, switch out pictures in wall frames, and add fake gifts under the tree!


🎁 Buy and wrap gifts




Speaking of gifts, ‘tis the season of giving! 


It’s best to make a list of the people you’re buying gifts for so you don’t miss anyone. Having a list makes Christmas shopping easier, so you can buy everything in a day or two.


Keep in mind that you also have the option to buy stuff online now too! The catch is you might have to pay extra for the shipping fees. 


Either way, buying something for someone else is always a great feeling!


🍽 Make a menu for the holiday dinner



Take time to sit down and plan a menu to prepare, as this will help you create a grocery list, so you don’t miss a thing. It’s better to have everything all at once than have something missing as you cook! This is applicable for folks hosting a party this December.


On the other hand, if you’re only going to parties, think of what to bring in advance. Maybe a bottle of wine or a tray of dessert will do to show your appreciation for the host!

🥳 Prepare party games and prizes




This task is also applicable only to those who are organizing parties. Some of the most common party games for the holidays are:


  •  Pin the nose on Rudolph
  •  Family feud
  •  Santa limbo
  •  Christmas charades
  •  Blindfold drawing
  •  Find Santa’s friends


Check out the mechanics explained by Shutterfly here!


🎶 Create a playlist




Photo by: padrinan via Pixabay


Music is a must for every party. It sets the mood and plays a huge role in bringing in the holiday cheer. Whether you’re the host or not, it’s best to be prepared. Here’s a good playlist we found on Spotify!


You can also create a playlist that suits your vibe more such as:


  •  Jazz Christmas music
  •  Instrumentals or Orchestra
  •  Pop Christmas songs
  •  Acoustic covers
  •  Bossanova, RnB, or Choir


🍷Don’t forget the drinks




Christmas drink


Photo by: ymkaaaaaa via Pixabay


Last but not least, don’t forget the drinks! 


It’s best to prepare a wide variety of drinks for different preferences. For adults, you can have wine or champagne. For the sake of holiday traditions, you should have eggnog and hot cocoa for the kids. Other drink options include sodas, juices, fruit-infused water, beer, etc.


With all that said, let the holiday planning begin! ✨

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