5 Reasons Why You Should Get a 22LR Speed Tube Holder

December 20, 2023
5 Reasons Why You Should Get a 22LR Speed Tube Holder
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Are you a firearm enthusiast who uses speedloader tubes on the daily?


Well, this scene may be familiar to you: some tubes on your desk, the others in your bag, and the rest scattered on the floor. They can easily roll out everywhere if you don’t keep them in one place.


That said, we know just what you need: Speedloader Tube Holder


What is that? What does it look like? Why do you need it? All that and more in this comprehensive article. Let’s begin!





What is a Speed Loader Tube Holder?


A speedloader tube holder is a device that holds your speedloader tubes. It’s a square-shaped container with slots where you can put the tubes through. The primary reason why you need this device is to keep everything in one place.


Aside from organization, the tub holders help make sure that it won’t get bent, squeezed, or lost while traveling.Having a holder means your tubes and the bullets inside stays intact, upright, and ready to go.





5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Speedloader Tube Holder

speedloader tube holder is a pretty straightforward product. Its simplicity makes it easier to understand what it is and how it works right away. So let’s go straight to why the Speedloader Tube Holder is worth it.


  •  Great capacity


The square-shaped holder can accommodate 22LR ammo and up to 5 speedloader tubes! We highly recommend you buy this together with our speedloader tubes. You can read all about them in the article below.


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  •  Travel-lite friendly


It’s small and lightweight making it a perfect organizer to take with you on the go. Aside from that, they’re very easy to pack and keep when not in use. It won’t take up too much space in your bag, and it’s not bulky at all. 


  •  Convenient


Can you imagine having to tidy up your speedloader tubes one by one? That's life without this holder. Getting one saves you the hassle, time, and effort in packing and traveling.


  •  Accessible


In times when you’re in a rush, the holder makes your tubes and ammo easy to reach. You don’t have to dig inside your bag or worry about them rolling off the table. Just put it near you for easy access.


  •  Keeps speedloader tubes safe in transit


When you put everything inside your bag, rest assured that your tubes will stay the same way you put it. No need to worry about it being bent, or worse,  folded and squished.. Your bullets will stay intact, and the tubes will remain upright. 

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Final Thoughts

speedloader tube holder is the type of product that you didn’t know you needed unless you actually use it first. If you have speedloader tubes, why don’t you just pair them with this holder too? You’re already organizing your ammo and getting ready for easier reloading anyway. So,go ahead and try them! You won’t regret it.

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