5 Qualities of our Speedloader Tubes That Will Make You Check Out

December 20, 2023
5 Qualities of our Speedloader Tubes That Will Make You Check Out
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Got some speedloader tubes just sitting on your cart for a while now? If you’re not convinced if this is worth your time and money, this is the article for you. 

We’ll talk about the different qualities that Wilbur’s Finest possesses that will convince you to press that check out button in a snap.


1. Speedloader Tubes are efficient reloading devices.


To the outsiders looking in, these slender plastic rods may seem perplexing at first glance.  Well, these plastic rods are actually reloading tools that help reload guns easier and faster. With covers on both ends, they are securely contained within, eliminating any risk of accidental displacement.


Gone are the days of painstakingly reloading one round at a time. Speedloader tubes offer a game-changing solution, allowing for rapid and effortless reloading, ensuring you spend more time shooting and less time fumbling with ammunition. With the efficiency of speedloader tubes, you can experience a new level of convenience in your shooting pursuits.


2. They’re perfect for reloading guns faster.


According to this video by Moondog Industries, manually reloading your guns takes about 40 seconds. Upon using speedloader tubes, reloading his gun only took 6-7 seconds. That reduced the reloading time by approximately 6 times faster! If you don’t believe us, check out the video here:





The video shows the comparison and time difference between manual reloading and reloading with the use of speedloader tubes. It’s a helpful reference for those still deciding on whether to get this reloading device or not. 


Its time-efficient feature is specially useful for folks who are improving their speed or those paying for practice time in the range. Gotta make use of every minute you pay, right?


3. It doubles as a storage for your bullets.


Not only do speedloader tubes excel at efficiently loading your firearms, but they also serve as practical bullet holders with ample storage capacity. Their long and slim design offers the added benefit of saving space, making them an ideal choice for firearm enthusiasts on the go. Despite their narrow profile, these tubes provide generous ammunition storage, accommodating 10, 15, or even 18 rounds of bullets when not in use.


We recommend  organizing the bullets inside the speedloader tubes in the correct orientation. By doing so, you guarantee that they are always ready for immediate use, streamlining your reloading process and maximizing your shooting experience.


4. It’s portable and can be easily carried anywhere.

Its elongated shape has another advantage and that’s portability! They’re easy to carry around and don't take up so much space at all. For folks who have a lot of these plastic tubes, we offer 3D-printed square holders designed specifically for speedloader tubes



Speedloader Tube Holder



5. The transparent design is functional and visually pleasing.


The transparent design of these speedloader tubes serves a dual purpose, providing users with a clear visual of the bullet orientation inside. This unique feature offers the convenience of instantly verifying the position of your ammunition, ensuring optimal readiness in critical moments.


With their elongated shape, organizing and carrying bullets becomes a hassle-free task. The simple yet functional design allows for effortless storage and easy access, guaranteeing swift reloads whenever necessary. Whether you are engaged in practice or competitive shooting, these transparent speedloader tubes become invaluable tools for maintaining precision and efficiency.




Speedloader Tubes



With all that said, discover the convenience, versatility, and other practical advantages of speedloader tubes, offering a seamless integration of bullet storage and quick reloading capabilities. Check them out now and try them yourself!


If you have any more questions, feel free to send us a message!

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