5 Essential Firearm Attachments For Survival

December 20, 2023
5 Essential Firearm Attachments For Survival
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 In a survival situation, having the right tools at your disposal can mean the difference between life and death. When it comes to firearms, the right attachments can significantly enhance your chances of survival. Whether you're an experienced shooter or new to firearms, adding these essential attachments to your weapon can provide you with the versatility and capability needed to navigate challenging scenarios.


By the end of this article, you will know what attachments are essential for survival. Aside from that, you’ll also learn how to attach them to your handguards using MLOK screws and discover where you can order them in small or large quantities.


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1. Tactical Light Attachment

Advantage: Improved Visibility and Target Identification


A tactical light attachment is a game-changer when it comes to survival. This attachment provides a powerful beam of light that can illuminate dark surroundings, making it easier to navigate during the night and identify potential threats. It's a must-have for self-defense and hunting situations. A strobe mode can disorient potential attackers, giving you a critical advantage in close-quarters combat.


2. Red Dot Sight

Advantage: Rapid Target Acquisition


A red dot sight offers fast and accurate aiming. Unlike traditional iron sights, a red dot sight projects a red dot onto a lens, allowing you to quickly and intuitively align your target and reticle. This attachment is especially valuable for close-quarters combat and quick response scenarios. In a survival situation, where split-second decisions matter, a red dot sight can help you acquire targets faster and improve your accuracy under pressure.


3. Foregrip or Vertical Grip

Advantage: Enhanced Stability and Control


A foregrip or vertical grip attachment provides improved control over your firearm, reducing recoil and increasing accuracy. In high-stress situations, maintaining a steady grip can be challenging, and this attachment helps mitigate the effects of recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots. Whether you're engaging threats or hunting for sustenance, a stable shooting platform is crucial for hitting your mark reliably.


4. Extended Magazine

Advantage: Increased Firepower


In survival scenarios, ammunition conservation is key. An extended magazine attachment increases the capacity of your firearm, ensuring you have more rounds at your disposal before needing to reload. This can be invaluable in situations where you're facing multiple threats or need to engage in prolonged engagements. Just remember to balance increased firepower with the weight and manageability of your weapon.


5. Suppressor

Advantage: Reduced Noise and Muzzle Flash


A suppressor, often referred to as a silencer, is a versatile attachment that offers several advantages. While it doesn't completely silence a firearm, it significantly reduces the noise and muzzle flash produced upon firing. This can be beneficial for avoiding attention, preventing hearing damage, and maintaining situational awareness. In survival scenarios, a suppressor can help you stay concealed and maintain the element of surprise.


Survival situations demand adaptability and resourcefulness, and having the right firearm attachments can greatly enhance your chances of success. Each attachment serves a specific purpose, from improved visibility and target acquisition to increased stability and firepower. Remember that your choice of attachments should be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. 


So, now comes the next question: what do you use to attach them to your handgun and how do you secure it?





Attaching Accessories to Guns Using MLOK Screws

With all the best accessories laid out, the next step is to attach them to your firearm. We recommend using MLOK Screws.


MLOK screws play a crucial role in the functionality of various gun accessories and products, spanning across calibers like 308, 300wm, 6.5 creedmoor, 50 BMG, as well as Wilbur’s Finest Universal Spare Round Holder and  Rifle Data (Dope) Cards.  These screws are integral components, particularly noted for their presence in the  handguards of rifles, where MLOK systems are commonly used.


In case you’re new to this, using these screws is pretty easy. Here’s how:


Quick Tip: How To Mount M-LOK Accessories 




The video shows a simple yet well-demonstrated tutorial on how to mount MLOK accessory rails into a handguard. If you’re someone who needs some help, this is a great resource video!


The mere sound of affixing these impressive firearm accessories fills us with excitement. These additions not only upgrade your weapon, but also contribute to improving your skills to become a more proficient, precise, and effective shooter.



In search of a Stockpile of M-Lok Screws? 



Wilbur's Finest Prime Selection offers a ready stock of MLOK Screws, tailored to the requirements of large corporations. Our supply ranges from a minimum of 10 units up to an impressive 1 million pieces or more, ensuring we meet your exact demands.

Discover its compelling attributes:


  •  Serves as a comprehensive replacement hardware package, seamlessly compatible with all M-LOK Accessories.
  •  Effortlessly fix MLOK T-nut screws with swift precision.
  •  Swiftly install and disengage using the provided Allen Wrench Tool.
  •  Crafted from robust high-strength steel, boasting a sleek black oxide finish.
  •  Equipped with a specialized coating for enhanced grip and fortified protection against corrosion.


For those considering placing a substantial order, feel free to contact us at wilbursfinestllc@gmail.com, where our dedicated team is ready and eager to provide comprehensive assistance.





Final Thoughts

Equipping your firearm with these essential attachments not only increases your preparedness but also provides you with a higher level of confidence in your ability to face challenges head-on. As you explore the world of firearm attachments, prioritize training and practice to ensure that you can effectively utilize these tools when it matters most. Whether you're navigating the wilderness or protecting your loved ones, being well-equipped can make all the difference in your survival journey.

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