5 Best Accessories for Dungeons & Dragons

December 20, 2023
5 Best Accessories for Dungeons & Dragons
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Dice Tower for Dungeons and Dragons


Looking for a unique and exciting board game?

If you and your friends love storytelling, combat, and fantasy – Dungeons & Dragons is the perfect hangout activity! It’s the type of game that brings out the creative and competitive side of you as you dive into a world with gnomes, elves, treasures, dragons and more.

As if it doesn’t sound fun already, there are D&D accessories that help make the game even more amusing! You’ll know all about them in this article, but first…


Quick Recap on How to Play Dungeons & Dragons


What is D&D?

Dungeons & Dragons is a popular tabletop RPG that banks on storytelling, adventure, and imagination. Players assume roles of fictional characters who shall go on exciting adventures that involve exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, and discovering treasures in a fantasy setting.


How is it played?

Each player shall control a single character that represents an individual in the D&D world. It can be a halfling, gnome, elf, ore, dragon-born, or human. Each of these characters have different classes, which define their abilities in the game. They’re either a fighter, wizard, or rogue.


What is a Dungeon Master?

One person in the group shall assume the role of the Dungeon Master, also known as DM.

They have a different role than the players. While the players seem to be like actors responsible for the actions of the characters, the DM shall serve as the author, director and referee of the game. To sum it up, he or she keeps the ball rolling and makes sures the game is smooth sailing.

It’s quite a heavy role. That’s why, it’s helpful to have a few things on hand such as:


  •  Paper & pen
  •  Dice
  •  Rule books


But, there is more stuff you can get to make your gaming experience even better. Check out some of the awesome D&D accessories we recommend in the next section!


6 Best Accessories for Dungeons  & Dragons


Well-crafted Dice

Every game needs some thrill!

And having the perfect, well-crafted dice can do just that. In case you didn’t know, there are dice made of metal, granite, or wood. Others are made from bone or meteorite, and others are even laser-etched. 



Photo by Stephen Hardy from Pexels
Photo by Stephen Hardy from Pexels




Good quality dice look good, feel good, and are nice to hold. While it may not be on top of everyone’s priority list, you should know that having one allows you to avoid wasting good rolls and keeps the game running smoothly until the end.


Dice Tower

Speaking of dice, you might want something to pair with that.  

Introducing our Dice Towers! They are 3D-printed see-through dice towers made with PLA material. Just like how the characters in the game would combat monsters, this Dice Tower is strong enough to stand against the wrath of rolling dice thrown by excited players.

You know what else is cool about them?


  •  Promote a fair game
  •  Help eliminate any form of cheating compared to dice rolling by hand
  •  See-through design provokes excitement & thrill among players
  •  Keep the dice within reach
  •  Made of environment-friendly materials




Black Dice Tower for Dungeons and Dragons



So, how does it work?

The dice is dropped on top of the tower. Then, the dice will bounce off the walls and emerge to the opening in front. Simple!

It’s a pretty straightforward game accessory. But it’s the type of thing that you didn’t know you needed unless you try using it first. So, go ahead and give it a try!


Critical Fail Deck

D&D on its own is already exciting enough, so you might be surprised to know that there’s a way to make the game even more interesting.

You’re gonna need a Critical Fail Deck.

The rule on critical hits is: when a player rolls a critical hit or natural 20, they can double their dice regardless of rolling double the amount of dice, or rolling the same amount of dice and doubling the result.

Critical Fail Decks make combat more interesting, help balance stronger and critical hits, and make the game more hilarious and memorable. On top of all that, there’s something about pulling from a deck of cards to find out your fate that makes it so satisfying. Imagine that with your friends – now that’s entertaining!


Recording Microphone

Make it easier for the Dungeon Master!

As you already know, D&D involves storytelling and imagination. You gotta make your own backstory and remember the little details that make up each character. With a lot of players and only one DM, that’s a tad bit difficult to keep track of.

Of course, the pen and paper remain superior. But when notes fail, you need backup. That’s where a good microphone comes in. 




Photo by Barthy Bonhomme from Pexels:
Photo by Barthy Bonhomme from Pexels:



Microphones allow you to talk, pause, and rewind as you please while taking notes without interrupting the flow of the game. With a mic, a DM can organize details better and recall information faster. You might even discover other things you missed while sitting on the table.

Mics are easy to use but  here are a few tips when using one:


  •  Sync the audio easily by letting everyone clap at the same time before starting the game. Doing so will allow you to collect their audio and mash them together faster.
  •  If the recording is to be posted on a social media platform, you may want to get more professional audio equipment.



Combat Tiers

Having trouble keeping track of combat positioning?

Take your games to the next level! Let your battlefield feel like there's real combat going on with Combat Tiers. They’re designed to show combat that extended to flying or levitating above the battlefield. Most, if not all, have clear plates with laser-etched squares for easier navigation at height.

Overall, this game accessory is basically a great way to show the battlefield as what it actually is!


Spell Effect Markers

Hate to break it to you, but this game involves math.

Unless you love calculating, this part of the game might be confusing or time consuming. During the game, you may have to count squares when you move in battle. You have to make sure your attack is within range and vice versa. 

 So, let the Spell Effect Markers do the math for you! They can calculate cones, lines, cubes, and spheres faster – allowing you to focus and enjoy the game. You never have to calculate the reach of a 50-foot cone ever again!


So, these are just 6 of the MANY accessories you can use for Dungeons and Dragons. However, there are some items worthy of  a special mention, too!



It’s all up to you to discover what helps you navigate through the game better and help everyone have a good time.


Final Thoughts

This world-famous tabletop RPG still provides excitement and thrill after so many decades. Unlike other games, D&D isn’t about logic, strategy, or luck. It’s about immersing yourself in a different world away from reality. Make it even more memorable with your friends or family using these awesome accessories!

What’s your favorite Dungeons & Dragons accessory?

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