3 Things You Need to Know About Our One Handed Nail Clipper

December 20, 2023
3 Things You Need to Know About Our One Handed Nail Clipper
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Things happen and growing old is inevitable. When one gets injured or suffers from a stroke that limits their capacity to move, it can be depressing and frustrating.  There’s a period where patients or seniors  will miss doing the small daily tasks that we sometimes take for granted.


Some of the said tasks include simple things like raising an arm or as random as nail clipping. The good news is, there is something that can help solve this issue: the one-handed nail clipper.


It’s considered to be a helpful nail care device for stroke and injured patients, arthritic or aging hands, or people with disabilities. This item allows folks to clip their nails independently. 



One Handed Nail Clipper
One Handed Nail Clipper



Need more reasons why you should buy this? Here are three user-benefits you should know about:


1. This one-handed nail clipper is an assistive device.

This one-handed nail clipper is an assistive device that is designed for people who have difficulty using regular nail clippers. It allows the user to use a standard nail clipper with just a gentle press of the hand.


One of its features include a foldable design that makes it convenient to store easily. When you buy  this product, it already includes a standard nail clipper to be attached to the 3D printed assistive device.


2. It is designed for people with limited range of motion or grip.

While the design is user-friendly to the point that it can be used by anyone, this remains to be a product with a purpose. Its mission is to assist people in clipping their nails as easily as possible despite having limited capabilities.


An example of people who might find this useful are stroke patients, folks with arthritis, or aging men and women. 


Clip nails in just a gentle push. Here’s what to do:



  1. Assemble the nail clipper to the assistive device.
  2. Adjust or rotate the whole thing so that  the mouth of the clipper is facing you.
  3. Place your hand on the pad in front of the clipper and position your nails in between the nail clipper.
  4. Push down gently and you’re done.



Yes, it’s that easy! 


3. It allows patients and people of old age to be independent.

It’s not easy having to constantly rely on people to help with small daily tasks. Some folks of old age prefer doing things on their own, if they can. With the help of this nail clipper, they will be able to reclaim a bit of their independence. They will have that sense of achievement, regain confidence, and feel good about themselves.






What Others Are Saying About It

It’s truly a useful device that makes it easier for folks with movement limitations. Giving this to someone who needs it would be such a great gesture, which is what some or our previous customers actually did!


Check out what other folks have to say about our One-Handed Nail Clipper:



Easy to use and good quality

- Luis



My husband had a stroke in 2018 and I usually have to manage his finger nail trimming. This gives him some independence to cut his own nails! This is a very sturdy device. Thanks so much for making these!!

- Elizabeth



I got this as a gift for someone who is unable to cut the nails on one hand due to a thumb injury. She said it works well. Thank you!

- Melly



As a stroke survivor , this simple design is a god send.  Thank you for a very useful product!

- Kim



A great gadget! Works very well once you practice.

- Mark

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, what’s easy for you might be frustratingly difficult for others. And thankfully, this one-handed nail clipper is among the many assistive devices created to make daily tasks like nail clipping effortlessly doable. 

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