3 Cool Benefits of MLOK Screws

December 20, 2023
3 Cool Benefits of MLOK Screws
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Have you ever had the struggle of not knowing what firearm accessories your rifle needs? As firearm enthusiasts ourselves, we see the urge of attaching needed accessories for your guns to perform sharply and increase chances of survival.


Luckily, we have just what you need: M-LOK Screws. Customizing attachments to your firearms has never been this easy with these small but bad boys. 


In this article,  discover five cool benefits of M-Lok Screws and why you should get them! But first, let’s learn more about them.





What is M-Lok?

For those who aren’t familiar with this, M-Lok is short for Modular Lock ━ which is a free licensed mounting system developed and unconcealed by Magpul Industries. M-Lok allows a user like you to attach accessories such as an optic, flashlight, laser or bipod onto the negative space (hollow slot) mounting points. 


In simple terms, a Modular Lock or commonly known as M-Lok allows its user to mount just about any accessory to its rail system without the hassle of removing the rail. With this, the user can mount it precisely where they need it.




Advantages of the M-Lok Screws

MLok screws and simple and straightforward products. But they’re actually more than what meets the eye. Here’s what they can do for you:


1. Huge Array of Accessories That Help Increase Chances of Survival


There's an endless variety of weapon accessories that are entering the market every year. Manufacturers of these accessories are beginning to favor the M-LOK system due to its weight savings, versatility and help save costs. Here are some examples of accessories that are using the M-LOK standard.



  •  Optics - These are forward-mounted red dot optics
  •  Lights - This accessory are flashlights for target identification
  •  Lasers - Like what you see in movies, these are Visible and Infrared (IR) aiming devices
  •  Night Vision - Another familiar accessory which is a IR illumination, target aiming and clip-on style optics
  •  Iron Sights - This is for initial or backup sighting options



2.  Secure Attachments


You don’t need to worry about your attachments falling off. M-Lok screws are designed to secure them firmly in place. All you need to do is choose which M-Lok screws fit your firearm accessory. 


Here’s how M-LOK system works:

The M-LOK system makes use of a slot rather than an outward-facing rail which is attached to accessories. 


An M-LOK mount makes use of two or more internal levers that are added into the slot and tightened with a hex wrench to carry out a proper and secure mount. The internal lever sandwiches the mount between the M-LOK slot to hold the mounting system in its place. 


Removal of M-LOK mounts and devices is completed by loosening each hex screw for about a quarter turn and lowering the lever out of the slot.


3. Reduced Weight


Usually,  adding equipment to the front end of a rifle or carbine normally means adding weight. The heavier the weapon, and the farther it is placed from the shooter, the more force is needed to keep it heightened on a target.


Similarly, the lighter the forend or handguard, the less effort is needed to grip the gun in place. 


In general, M-LOK systems weigh less than their Picatinny counterparts since they don’t require the extra mass of external rails.


Being precise and sharp is a need most especially when it comes to purchasing firearm accessories. By cutting down the weight, getting rid of irrelevant bulk, shunning additional manufacturing costs and administering a stable and secure platform for accessory attachments, the M-LOK screw is the obvious choice for modular firearm handguards. 




Need a Supply of M-Lok Screws? 

We got you!


At Wilbur’s Finest, we can supply MLOK Screws in bulk to big companies. We sell between 10 up to a million pieces, depending on how much you need!


Check out its promising features:


  •  Serves as a replacement hardware pack designed for use with all M-LOK Accessories
  •  Quick and easy fix of the MLOK T-nut screw
  •  Install and remove easily with the Allen Wrench Tool
  •  Made of high strength steel in black anodizing finish
  •  Has special coating surface for anti-slip feature and protection against rust 



Should you want to place a bulk order, reach us at wilbursfinestllc@gmail.com and our team will be happy to assist you.

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