10 Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love Games, Bookbinding, and More

December 20, 2023
10 Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love Games, Bookbinding, and More
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The holidays are right around the corner! 


That means it’s the perfect time to start shopping for the gift-giving part of the season. With all the different people you’ll be giving gifts to, you need a long list of various things you can give.


Here’s a list of gift ideas for the holidays!


🎁 Dice Tower


Want to buy something for your best bud who loves games?


dice tower is something any game enthusiast would love! Not only would they have a fancy way of rolling the dice, but it promotes fairness and prevents any form of cheating in a game!






It’s an awesome game accessory for Dungeons and Dragons, too. If you’re into this game, read more about dice towers and other accessories here!


🎁 A Curated Box of Creative Materials


If you have crafty loved ones who love books or journaling, this is the perfect gift! Nothing beats a curated box full of goodies! In this case, it can be any materials for writing, painting, or origami.


You can also focus on a unique hobby such as bookbinding, and you can find helpful tools here! We have Signature Punching Tools, T-spacers, and Corner Jig Sets.



  •  Signature Punching Tool 
    •  It’s a tool that helps in creating signatures for a book being made in precise measurements.






  •  T-spacers
    •  It’s a tool that measures the hinge width of a book in the process of making a cover.






  •  Corner Jig Set
    •  It’s a small triangular tool that cuts corners of a book cover.







Not familiar with what bookbinding tools are? Read here to learn more about them!


Curated boxes are thoughtful gifts because aside from spending money to buy the items inside, you spend a good amount of time thinking about them and their interests, which is a very heartwarming gesture.


🎁 Firearm Accessories or Add-ons 


If bookbinding stuff isn’t your cup of tea, what about a curated box full of firearm accessories? This gift idea is perfect for firearm enthusiasts or hobbyists! 


You can put in the following items:



  •  Universal Multi Caliber 2rd Spare Holder
    • This is a  3D printed bullet holder attached to MLOK and Key Mod Handguards. Pack includes a universal 2rd spare holder, MLOK mounting hardware, and spare elastic strap.








  •  22LR Speed Loader Tube 
    •  Speed Loader Tubes are items that keep bullets lined up and ready for reloading guns faster and easier.






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  •  Speed Loader Tube Holder
    •  This is a square  3D printed tube holder which allows speed loader tubes to stay organized when on the move.







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  •  MLOK Screws
    •  M-Lok is a hardware used to  attach accessories like  an optic, flashlight, laser or bipod onto the negative space (hollow slot) mounting points. 







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  •  Full Grip Magazine Sleeve
    •  The Canik TP9-SF Elite full grip mag sleeve is a 3D-printed item which is meant to  fill the gap between the grip and the base plate to achieve a greater shooting capability. 






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Guess what? You can get all these items in one place! It’s all right here at Wilbur’s Finest, no need to go store-hopping. That said, shopping has never been easier!


✨ Are you holiday-ready now? 

Got some family and friends that fall in any of these categories? Better get them something to show them some love this season! You can shop for everything at Wilbur’s Finest (www.wilbursfinest.com). You may also visit our Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Etsy store to order!

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