Wilbur’s Finest Must-Have Airgun Add-ons

December 20, 2023
Wilbur’s Finest Must-Have Airgun Add-ons
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What good does an airgun do without its accessories?


Sure, they’re great as is but wouldn’t it be a shame when you don’t take advantage of available accessories even when it’s already within your reach? 


There are many airgun accessories in the market that help you improve your survival and the shooting capacity of your airgun. 


Here are some of the most common and sought-after airgun accessories:


  •  Lens
  •  Chronographs
  •  Silencers



There are also 2rd Spare Round HoldersSpeed Tube Holders, and  MLOK screws for convenience and other attachments. 


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All these accessories are awesome, no doubt. You can find them easily from lots of sellers. However, when you need the little things, where do you go?


Well, that’s where we come in. Wilbur’s Finest carries the small parts necessary for airgun upgrades and attachments. These aren’t glamorous and eye-catching items, but these are the things you didn’t know you needed…until you actually need them.





3 Awesome Airgun Add-ons You Must Have

Want to know what you shop in-store? Here’s what we have:


Gauntlet Mount for Pellet Holder


Never put down your pellet holders ever again…


Carry them right there with you with our Umarex Gauntlet Mount for Pellet Holder .177 .22 & .25 Caliber! This 3D printed mount fits securely in  all Umarex Gauntlet and Benjamin Marauder magazines. 


marex Gauntlet Mount for Pellet Holder .177 .22 & .25 Caliber


The mount sits tightly on the gauntlet to prevent the magazine from falling out easily despite intense movements. And it’s designed thoughtfully to accommodate the curves and shape of the magazine.


What’s awesome is that setting it up is very easy. It’s only a one-step installation and you’re done. All you have to do is snap it on the Gauntlet’s rail. That’s it!


Magazine Sleeve for Canik TP9-SF (9mm Handgun)


Want to improve your shooting capability? 




Canik TP9-SF Elite Full Grip Magazine Sleeve TP9SF TP9



Get the Canik TP9-SF Elite Full Grip Magazine Sleeve TP9SF TP9  to increase grip size and capacity with additional rounds. This 3D-printed mag sleeve is made to fit an 18rd extended magazine, and is made of TPU material.


Its main purpose is to fill the gap between the grip and the base plate to achieve a greater shooting capability. 


Single Shot Tray

Do you have an Umarex Gauntlet and you want to shoot a single shot?


Are you looking for a way to improve accuracy when you shoot?


Do you think it’s faster and easier to load a single shot tray into the origin than it is to load one pellet into a rotary magazine?


If your answer is YES to all three questions, we have the perfect item for you! Introducing the Flexible Umarex Gauntlet & Benjamin Marauder Single Shot Tray


You can get the one for a .177,..22, and a .25 – all available in-store!






This is a 3D-printed single shot tray made of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Tha said, it will less likely dent or score the pellet skirt and will not damage your o-rings in your gun. 


Compatibility-wise, you can use this single shot tray with all Umarex Gauntlet and Benjamin Marauder air rifles. However, you can also buy the Benjamin Bulldog Single Shot Tray .357 if this suits your needs more.




Single Shot Trays



What  are Single Shot Trays For?


If you’re not a firearm enthusiast and just buying for someone who is, then we got you covered. We’ll tell you what it is and why it’s useful.


A single shot tray helps achieve exact alignment and precision. This small gun accessory serves as a guide for the pellet as one shoots. 


Compared to using a magazine, pros say that while there’s nothing really bad about using magazines, there’s also a noticeable difference in user-experience and accuracy in shooting.


Final Thoughts

These may be very small items but they have a great impact on your shooting experience. With these airgun add-ons, you can improve your air rifle’s shooting capacity, accuracy, and alignment or grip. 


Shop now before they’re sold out!

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